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In Memoriam - Joselio Rosa Machado

Foto de Joselio

Josélio Rosa Machado, founded the Group Nova Aurora in 1988. From an early age, he demonstrated a natural talent for entrepreneurship. Son of the leading dairy farmer in the south of the state of Espírito Santo, José Rosa Machado.

Josélio idealized and implemented his vision to bring the beauty, the exotic, the functionality and the quality of ornamental stones to homes, residential and commercial projects at a time when it was still an underdeveloped resource sector. Josélio's project continues to exist and expanded in the area of extraction, production and commercialization of ornamental stones through his children and collaborators of the Nova Aurora Group.

The dream, boldness and partnership with clients led Josélio to become a relevant and outstanding businessman in the context of excellence. Furthermore, Josélio believed in his multiple possibilities and in the qualities of the people he surrounded himself with and his children, who develop his project today.

- Gislane Machado Cola


Our present reflects a solid history

With experience in the extraction, production and marketing since 1988, the Nova Aurora takes the charm of our ornamental rocks all over Brazil and the world.

The premium service of the Nova Aurora, the constant renewal in technology and a strong commitment to the environment have earned the trust of customers and a growing emphasis on national and international markets.

Entrada Nova Aurora
Jazida de White Spring

To reveal the beauty and sophistication of our stones to the whole world

With our own quarries in Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Bahia and Ceará. Our ornamental rocks, of quality recognized nationally and internationally, are the ideal choice for those wishing to internal and external coatings of high refinement. This is because we offer products with movement, excellent balance and great color. We work with exclusive and exotic stones, which give elegance and unique personality to different types of environments with diverse application.

Sustainable compromise

More than respect, we love nature

We know how important it is to preserve the environment. So, we keep all our extraction within the environmental standards, meeting strictly the requirements established by government agencies and regulatory agencies.

Nova Aurora received the official certificate from the state of Minas Gerais for the creation of a Conservation Unit (National Heritage Private Reserve, in Portuguese: "Reserva Particular do Patrimônio Nacional" - RPPN) on your property. The RPPN Pasmado has over 14 hectares and is located in the county of Itinga - MG.

Galpão da empresa
Estande feira de Vitória

Quality Policy

The Group NOVA AURORA in it's activities of processing and marketing of ornamental stones seeks excellence in the supply of products and services committing itself to:

  • Implement continuous actions aimed at improving the management system;
  • Seek permanent customer satisfaction;
  • Meet the requirements applicable to the business;
  • Permanently seek the sustainability of the business.

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