Production process
We have a process of extraction and processing that ensures the quality of our stones.

Vacuum pressure hammers and diamond wires are used in the quarries for the extraction of granite slabs. Rapid and safe process with the better use. This type of extraction is more efficient and also environmentally friendly..

Cut of the blocks in Gang Saw
The blocks are transformed into plates in the Multiwire Loom.

After being cut on the gang saw machines, the granite plates are honed. Thinning of the plates is done during the honing process, making it possible to uniformly smooth the surfaces..

Drying in the Furnace
The hone granites go through a process of drying in furnaces before being resined..

The granites receive a layer of resin to guarantee the finishing and polishing quality..

The Nova Aurora offers automatic polishing machine. In the polishing machine is possible the quality and type of polishing that influences the texture and final brightness of the product.

Total automation in the entry and exit of the polishing guarantees safety in handling..

After processing, the sheets are completed and stored in racks.

The plates are packed in racks and accomodated into container to its final destination..